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How to Use Rotary Cutters and Safety Tips

A rotary cutter is used to cut a pile of fabrics into different styles of edges conveniently. The tool comes out in different sizes and the sizes mainly refer to the blade size. So, a rotary crafter can remove the normal circular blade and replace it with a different size blade. The primary rotary cutter blades consist of straight edges that can create straight cuts. There are also special effects blades that can create stylish edges.

Types of the best rotary cutter blades differ from 1 to 7 various edges. The rotary cutters that have straight blades can create straight cuts without adding any type of styles. The tool using squiggle blade can create wavy edges with small repetitions. When you see quilts with zigzag edges they look more attractive and this effect is created using pinking blades.

In many fabrics, you must have noted dotted or dashed lines running along both the edges of the fabric. Perforated rotary cutter blades create these dotted lines and you can easily tear off the other end of the fabric by following the dotted lines. There is one type of blade called wavy blade and creates wavy edges equivalent to squiggle blade but the depths of the waves differ in each blade application.

The latest fashion is wearing torn edged dresses and this effect is created originally in the cloth using deckle rotary cutter blades. These blades create a jagged edge that reminds you of a torn paper. In most of the factory made pillow covers or curtains you must have observed the cloth edges bearing a series of semi-circles to give a bordering effect. The semi-circle edges are made using scalloped rotary cutter blades.

In a garment factory, every day tons of quilts are being cut and thus the rotary cutter blades are used extensively. Due to frequent use, the blades’ performance may become dull. When you have to exert more pressure on the tool while cutting fabrics than earlier works then obviously the tool needs a replacement of blade.

Most manufacturers of rotary cutter blades sell refill packs of straight cutting blades. Scrapbookers normally use a standard rotary cutter blade of size 45mm, though you can get varied sizes. When shopping for replacement blades purchase the right kind of blade for your tool.

When it comes to purchasing a replacement blade for the rotary cutter, there are different manufacturers to choose from. If you are very particular about buying correct size of the blade, you can check from the original manufacturer of your rotary cutter or blade. Among the various manufacturers of rotary cutter blades, the Fiskars, Ofla, and Cuttterpede are the most popular ones. They are known for their quality cutting tools and manufacture blades of various sizes.

You can buy the rotary cutters, decorative rotary cutter blades and replacement blades in shops that sell crafts and sewing accessories. You can also find them in retail outlets of the original manufacturers and supermarkets like Wal-Mart and KMart. There are also some online stores that offer these tools for nominal prices.

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