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Make Your Bathrooms Appealing With Kohler Toilet Parts

Whenever we start reviewing on a product first thing comes to mind is brand name & popularity of the brand. Kohler is well-known brand in bath products worldwide. Before discussing on features we have an overlook on the company.

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 Wide Range of Toilets

Kohler makes a wide range of toilets. When we go for best toilets we check a number of parameters. Kohler makes various models which cover various parameters. Some of the important parameters are

Today every customer has a particular requirement. While choosing best toilet first considerable parameter is one piece toilet or two-piece toilet. The company provides various models in both one piece & two piece toilets both.

If you want different bowl shapes, the company makes compact elongated toilet bowls, elongated toilet bowls, & round-front toilet bowls also.

Rough-in size is also a main parameter we have to consider for buying a toilet. Kohler makes various models in three different rough-in sizes which are 10”, 12” & 14”. The customer can choose the suitable rough-in size according to their requirement.

The height of toilet is also a considerable parameter. Kohler makes comfortable height toilets that have a height between 17” to 19”. The company also makes a wall hung toilets with custom height.

Each customer has a particular requirement of flushing system. Some want bulk waste removal flushing, some want overall cleanliness, some want light waste removal & all want flushing system that does not clog. The company makes gravity flushing system toilets & assisted flushing system toilets. In both systems, various models are made by Kohler.

Touchless flushing technology is demanded by the modern customer. Kohler is making models with both touchless & touchable flushing system.

Water consumption of toilets depends on the flushing system required by the customer. Kohler makes various models with different water consumption that’s 1.0 GPF (gallon per flush), 1.28 GPF & 1.6 GPF. The company also makes dual flush toilets which provide two water consumption options.

Some modern customer demand toilet with concealed trapway & some are demanding skirted trapway. Kohler is providing toilets with concealed trapway & with skirted trapway also.

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 Why Kohler Toilets Preferred

Kohler brand is a leader of toilet industry from more than 100 years. Durability & advanced features of its products are liked by people. Kohler toilets redefine cleanliness & personal comfort of modern bathrooms. Kohler makes water efficient toilets which perform well with less consumption of water. Kohler’s water-saving efforts have been recognized by the EPA WaterSense program from last 4 years. Because of its easy installation plumbers often recommend Kohler toilets & even for their own homes plumbers would choose Kohler.

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If you want to buy the best toilet from Kohler than this review may definitely help you because in this we considered all important parameters of best Kohler toilet. It helps the buyers those are confused because of the variety of toilets available in the market. Reading this Kohler toilet reviews if you think any other point should be added then please write us.

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