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• Many career options: You can search for work at home/office/Commercial construction sites, factories, loggers, shipyards, etc.

• Relatively short study time: a diploma programme is sufficient for many jobs

• Excellent salaries: According to the payment scale, the average annual salary of the entry carpenters was $38.695 and the experienced carpenters were earning up to $71.000

• High-Career perspective: According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, carpenters ' employment is expected to increase by up to 24% from 2012-2022. There were 617.060 carpenters in 2014

• High Job satisfaction:In according to The Review Search the existing carpenters have given four five-star rating of job satisfaction. It would be very satisfying to see the fine finished product/construction Despite all the hard work

• Auto-employment option: You can set up your own carpentry business


• Hazards: Carpenters need to use several power saws and other tools needed to create a cut/shape/hole in the wood they are working on. These instruments, if used badly or badly, can cause serious injury

• Long Learning Program: you need to undergo a 3 to 4 year learning that should include a minimum of 144 hours of classroom instruction per year and a total of 2000 hours of hands-on training before becoming a Journeyman Carpenter

• Hard work: carpenters are prone to physical exhaustion as most of their work involves hard work