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The Different Types Of Drilling Rigs

Drilling rigs are structures that house equipment such as pipes, cables, bits and longlines that are necessary to extract important products like oil from beneath the Earth's surface. The platforms are classified in offshore and land with deep sea driving drilling on the ocean floor and ground-based exercises that handle drilling on land.

In addition to the extraction of oil, they can be used in the construction industry in the construction of foundations, construction of roads, bridges and constructions of airports where solid bases are required. They can also be used in mining, drilling and drilling of water wells. The drilling rigs come in different types and the most suitable one is selected according to the task that is at hand. Drilling rig ratings can be done using various factors, attributes, or technologies.


By power

The type of energy used by a drilling rig can determine what type it is. In general, you can find the mechanical drilling rigs that use clutches, transmissions and torque converters that are powered by their own diesel engines. Electrics are those whose machinery items are powered by electric motors that generate power at the site through internal combustion engines. There are also hydraulic platforms that use hydraulic power, steam platforms that use steam engines and pumps and tires that are fed with pressurized air.


By pipe

The categorization of rig under the pipe has the cable drilling equipments which use the cables to lift and drop drill bits, conventional drilling rigs that use plastic or metal drill tubes of different types to satisfy the function and Col tube platforms using giant tube coils and hole drilling motors down.


By height

The height categorization is produced by temporarily removing the drill pipe from the hole and is based on the number of pipes connected to the derrick. Individual equipment drills drilling pipes, while double platforms can handle a pipe support that has two pipes connected to the tower. Triple brackets can withstand three while the square bracket can accommodate four connected punch tubes.


Using the Drilling method

Drilling technology classifies drilling rigs on non-rotary platforms that include most service platforms and direct-thrust platforms. There are also rotating table platforms that reach the rotation by turning a hexagonal or square tube on the ground level of the drill. Read more: