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Ultimate Drawing Tool For Drawing Primitive?

Even in today's highly advanced technological world the art of drawing is still being practiced using tools that have basically never moved on very far from the original primitive design.


The ancient Romans developed carried in a tool called the stylet that consisted of being a long thin strip of LED that could easily be held in the hand and used to scratch in the papyrus an early form of modern paper leaving weak gray lines. This was used to write and maybe draw as a primitive form of pencil. The time was about 753 years before Christ and it was over 2000 years, perhaps closer to 3000 years, however, the writing and drawing tools we use today have not far removed much from that very basic design.


Much later in history the graphite pencil came after a deposit of graphite discovered for the first time in Britain at some point in the 16th century between 1500 and 1565. It took another hundred years to graphite sticks was made with graphite powder around 1662 in Nuremberg, even this was more than 300 years ago.


The humble graphite pencil, as we know it now, a shaft of wood with a graphite strip enclosed inside it came at some point in the eighteenth century with the credit given to Italians in particular by locking the graphite in wood and presenting something close to what we see and use today.


However, even with today's computer-aided design software and technological advances most designers and artists still use the humble graphite pencil to make their first initial sketches and drawings. Many prefer this tool because it is easy to use, easily obtainable and very practical, allowing them to get their ideas on paper very quickly to be advanced later by perhaps using computer technologies.


If we now take all this into consideration the graphite pencil or pencil as originally called has not changed much in almost 3000 years if at all and remains preferred as the most practical or best drawing tool there is.


The graphite pencil has resisted the test of time is the preferred tool choice for artists and craftsmen around the world with many quality drawings and sketches that have been produced with this wonderful tool.

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